Open Evening in Castleisland’s Muire Gan Smál

Teachers and parents’ association members preparing to greet their visitors at the Muire Gan Smál Presentation Primary School Open Evening on Thursday. Included are, from left: Hannah O’Connell, Antoinette O’Leary, Norielle O’Leary, Maura Browne, deputy principal; Chris O’Leary, Máire Lynch, principal; Eva Nolan and Martha O’Mahony. ©Photograph: John Reidy
Manager, Kathleen Horan (left) and Marguerite Egan in the imagination nourishing outdoor facilities at the Muire Gan Smál Presentation Primary School Open Evening on Thursday. ©Photograph: John Reidy
Muire Gan Smál Presentation Primary School’s newly appointed principal, Máire Lynch (right) pictured with deputy principal, Maura Browne at the school’s successful open evening on Thursday. ©Photograph: John Reidy

It was a beautiful sunny evening in Castleisland on Thursday as prospective pupils gathered for the Open Evening in Muire Gan Smál Presentation Primary School.

“There was a buzz of excitement in the air as the little ones made their first official visit to ‘big school,” said newly appointed principal, Máire Lynch.

Clutching Teddies

“Some arrived clutching their teddies and hiding behind their parents while others marched in confidently,” Ms. Lynch noted.

“They got to meet the staff and play with their future classmates on the night. They also got to meet the pre-school and after-school staff, the Muire Gan Smál Parents’ Association and the staff from Castleisland Boys’ National School.

Interactive Games

“It was a great opportunity for everyone to explore the school and its facilities. The new extension, with its trampoline garden, sensory garden and sensory room, was greatly admired. In the mainstream classes visitors got to enjoy some Irish dancing, assisted in some science experiments, and partake in educational interactive games on the whiteboards.

Outdoor Classroom

“Outside they got to explore the play areas with the outdoor classroom, the basketball court and the soft-play areas.

In the school hall there was great excitement as pupils got their faces painted, got to play on the bouncy-castle and with the giant games.

Interests and Talents

“Current pupils of the school did a wonderful job showing the visitors their interests and talents. They acted as guides, organised dances and games, and ensured everyone had an enjoyable time.

“A huge ‘thank you’ to everyone who came to see the school and all who worked so hard over the last few weeks to make the evening a great success.

“The staff in Muire Gan Smál is already looking forward to seeing the new Junior Infants Class on August 30th for their first day of school,” Ms. Lynch concluded.


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