Appeal for Church Gate Support for Tidy Towns Effort

The old rustic bridge at Clonough looking cared for and loved this week with its well tended floral display. ©Photograph: John Reidy
Herbert Bridge on the Killarney Road looking wonderful under the care of a local group there. ©Photograph: John Reidy
The Tralee Road Bridge over the Mullaghi River has been taken in hand by the local group and looking all the better for it. ©Photograph: John Reidy

An appeal is being issued for support for Castleisland Tidy Towns Church Gate collection which will take place at all masses this weekend.

“We would appreciate support for our work in Tidy Towns locally. We assume we have been judged at this stage but one can never be sure as judging takes place right up to the end of August,” said group spokesperson, Mary Walsh.

Doing Trojan Work

“All our residents groups continue to do Trojan work as can be evidenced on all our approach roads. The Killarney Road group is to the fore again having done a great job on the bridge with the ladies constantly sweeping and cleaning Barrack Street and the Back-of-the-Forge.

“There have been great strides made on Tralee Road also with flowers on the bridge for the first time.

Spick and Span

“Limerick Road is looking spick and span as usual and the Desmonds Avenue group is working hard as well.

Main Street and Church Street are still posing problems for us and we really need help with these areas.

“The pity is that Prince Charles didn’t come within an asses roar of the town as Tralee, Farranfore and Killarney got the royal treatment in his honour.

Keep Town Litter Free

“It will be interesting to see how it affects their marks in this year’s competition!

“Hopefully there will be money to do the roundabouts in Castleisland next year. We urge everyone to continue to keep the town litter free and tidy and we thank the community for its continued support,” said Mary.


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