Help Wanted with Mystery of Resurfacing Photograph

Kathleen Brick and Lilian Lawlor at the Chalets outside Lighthouse Houses. That’s the caption written on the back of this  mystery photograph which ended up in the same house in Castleisland in two different books and two years apart. Do you know the girls and where they’re from – or even where the photograph was taken ?

It’s odd but strangely appropriate that the following set of circumstances should befall an avid reader of books on mystery and suspense.

Castleisland woman, Breda Brooks loves books and reading – to say the least – and she places great store on the shelves of charity shops as fertile ground for indulging her passion.

Cargo of Books from Oxfam

A couple of years ago Breda called into the Oxfam shop in Tralee and she bought her usual cargo of books there.

A couple of days later she settled down to a bit of reading. Six or seven pages into one of the books she found the photograph reproduced here.

During her next trip to the shop she returned the photograph in case someone was missing it or that the owner could be found.

Space and Time to Read

There it rested until last week and Breda was back perusing the shelves of the same shop inTralee.

Again, she brought home her collection of books and, later, found her space and time to read.

“I was only a page or two into one of the books and the same photograph fell out onto my lap,” said Breda.

“The strangest feeling came over me when I saw it – it’s a feeling I still can’t deccribe and I thought I’d have to do something about it this time,” she said.

Reaching out to Me

“I told a friend of mine and she said that I should follow it up and that it was like they were reaching out to me or something.

“So I rang Fr. Brick and he asked me to bring the photograph to him. I did that and his enquiries came up empty handed.

1970s or Thereabouts

“I’m not sure what era the photograph was taken but it looks like one from the 1970s or thereabouts.

“It would be interesting if we could find out who the girls are and what they were doing at the time and where they are now and how the photograph found its way into two different books I picked up in Tralee and brought back to, Castleisland on two occasions a couple of years apart,” Breda concluded.

Do You Recognise the Girls ?

If anyone out there can shed any light on the identity of the girls in the photograph please give the number here a call : 086 315 3600.

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