Bin Collection Arrangements for College Road on ‘Closure Week’

South West Bins informing residents of College Road of their arrangements for this Thursday’s collection during the constraints of the local road closure. Photograph: John Reidy

A message from South West Bins for the residents of College Road ahead of their collection date tomorrow Thursday, August 20th.

“Due to major road works on College Road Castleisland, the road is closed tomorrow.*
Please put your bins out tonight either at the start or end of the road works and they will be collected tomorrow.
The truck will not be able to travel the road.
Apologies for any inconvenience caused.”…. South West Bins.

Closed Since Monday

*As the residents of College Road will know, their road has been closed since Monday morning and the message above deals strictly with South West Bins collection business there on Thursday.

The residents will also know that the road will remain closed until Sunday – provisionally – to allow for any unseen circumstances.
The message was relayed to The Maine Valley Post by Cllr. Bobby O’Connell and by Cllr. Jackie Healy Rae within seconds of each other by phone and email respectively.