Chaotic Service Leaves Travellers Sitting on Train Floors

Michael Healy Rae, TD is calling on Irish Rail to provide a late train from Dublin to Kerry to facilitate All-Ireland final replay supporters. ©Photograph: John Reidy

On Monday morning, Deputy Michael Healy Rae issued a statement claiming he had been inundated with complaints with regard to the train service for the upcoming All-Ireland replay.

“As of now I appreciate we are still awaiting information from Irish Rail in relation to a match special train especially for those who wish to travel up and down on the Saturday night.

Late Train from Dublin to Kerry

“I have called on Irish Rail to ensure there is a late train to facilitate Kerry fans who wish to travel,”

said Deputy Healy Rae.

“It will be a late hour for many Kerry fans coming back from Dublin and to have at the very least a late train is what is required.

Varying Prices by Irish Rail

“But, one of the main complaints is the varying pricing by Irish Rail. For example an adult ticket from Rathmore to Dublin returning on Sunday – as many people will do – will cost €77. and yet, the same travel times except leaving from Mallow is just under €38.00. Surely this is not fair,” he added.

Government’s Green Agenda

“In a time when the Government is pushing forward with its ‘Green Agenda’ we should be encouraging far more people to travel via public transport where possible on occasions like this.

“I know of a lot of people are now put off traveling by train due to the enormous cost as opposed to travelling by car,” he continued.

Standing Room Only

Throughout Monday, Deputy Healy Rae received phone calls from people on board a train to Kerry who were subjected to standing for the whole journey

Others were left sitting on the floor simply because Irish Rail had overbooked the trains trying to capitalise on a busy weekend as people returned from Dublin after yesterday’s game and also from the Electric Picnic in Stradbally, Co. Laois.

Sitting on the Floor

“All these people are paying the same price but being subject to sitting on the ground near the toilets.

“Its simply unacceptable and further more extremely discouraging for people who may use our train service in the future,” Deputy Healy Rae concluded.