Praying for Kerry at The Calm Before the Storm

Fr. Mossie Brick and the rescheduled mass time to avoid a clash with the 6pm throw-in of the All-Ireland final replay between Kerry and Dublin on Saturday next. Photograph: John Reidy

A decision to bring next Saturday’s vigil mass forward to 5pm in Castleisland acknowledges the existence of a parallel ‘religion’ throughout the area – at least on rare occasions like this.

You’d want to have been on the moon with bad broadband over the past week not to know about the four bull calves in Currow and of the heroics of the Kerry’s senior footballers in Croke Park on Sunday.

Wearing the Geansaí

A great advocate of ‘Wearing the Geansaí’ Castleisland’s parish priest, Fr. Mossie Brick endeared himself to his parishioners here when paying tribute to Cordal footballer Philip O’Connor who led the Kerry junior football team to an All-Ireland final victory over Galway in July.

Unite and Pray and Sing for Kerry

Uniting his congregations in song is one of Fr. Brick’s trademarks and Saturday evening’s ‘Calm Before the Storm’ mass at 5pm – from the usual 6:15pm slot – will be another occasion on which the congregations here can unite and sing and pray for those who play for Kerry.

The throw-in in the replay in Croke Park is scheduled for 6pm on Saturday evening.

Up Kerry.