Eileen, Mary and Mike Share that Dublin Marathon Finishers’ Feeling

Proud Finishers: Eileen Brennan (left) with: Mike Donovan and Mary Barrett and the souvenirs of their Dublin Marathon achievements. ©Photograph: John Reidy

Three Castleisland athletes who have been putting in the hard road miles for the best part of the past decade have just passed their ultimate test.

They have the tee-shirts and the medals to prove they were among the finishers in what used to be know at the Dublin City Marathon. If you don’t finish you don’t get the souvenirs.

Eileen Brennan, Mary Barrett and Mike Donovan are familiar figures with their ‘Ready to Run’ friends on the roads around Castleisland.

Hard Earned Tee-Shirts

The local Dublin Marathon trio met again this week for a photograph and turned out in their hard earned tee-shirts and impressive medals to mark their fine achievement.

“Our journey on the road to marathon training started with the original Couch-2-5K at An Ríocht when Mike was a leading member of the coaching team,” Eileen explained.

Caught the Running Bug

“The first few weeks we barely managed a lap of the track but soon caught the ‘running bug’ and we’ve gone from running that one lap to recently competing 26.2 miles at the Dublin Marathon 2019.

“We trained well and it wasn’t always easy to face a long run at the weekends. But each of us motivated the other and we got through the long miles.

“The training was the tough part and the marathon itself was the victory lap.

Ready to Run Support

“We had the encouragement and support of our running gang ‘Ready to Run’ and we shared many a mile on the roads and we couldn’t have done it without them.

“Dublin itself was amazing with over 20,000 athletes and 300,000 supporters all along the routes and the atmosphere put the hairs standing on our necks at times.

An Emotional Race

“It’s an emotional race and each person is out there for their own personal achievement and glory and not competing against anyone else.

“Running is so invaluable for mental health and it’s the best therapy available for free.

“Throw on the runners get out there at any pace you wish and you come back feeling energised, happy and with a great feel good factor that sets you up for the week. Go on try it.

Gradual Build Up

“The training takes commitment and effort but start gradually and build up the miles each week. “It’s important not to over train but to increase the miles over the weeks.

“On the day of the race, a focused, determined mindset will get you through the 26.2 miles,” said a delighted Eileen.