Wild Birds Need Our Consideration as Weather Turns Cold

With the weather taking a turn for the worse our feathered friends will need our help and consideration over the next couple of months at least. ©Photograph: John Reidy

With the current spell of hard weather likely to continue our feathered friends will be under severe pressure to survive.

In response to a question on which type of foods are best for garden birds on their site, Birdwatch Ireland responded thus: “There is no single answer to this – each different food type has advantages and disadvantages and will attract a different mix of species to your garden.

The golden rule is that a diversity of food types will give you a diversity of bird species.”

The two bird foods recommended by the organisation are peanuts and sunflower hearts – they’re both eaten by a variety of species, have high protein and calorie contents, and are readily available in most shops.

There is no shortage of garden bird food and holders in many hardware shops nowadays.