Suspect Van Photograph Sent to Garda Station

The van which was spotted and photographed in the College Road area of Castleisland at around 4pm on Wednesday evening. The photograph – with a clear view of the registration plate – has been sent to the Gardai. 

This is a photograph of the van in which the men who tried to entice dogs away were spotted travelling through Castleisland yesterday evening at around 4pm.

They called to one home in the College Road area and asked for ‘The Boss’ and were reportedly selling ‘Persian Rugs’ in the area in question.

Numberplate Identified to Gardai

This photograph has been sent to Tralee Garda Station – complete with a clear view of the numberplate.
It was taken by a woman whose suspicions were aroused by the attitude of the callers.

Awareness and Vigilance

Her sense of awareness and vigilance is commendable and is an example of how we should all keep an eye on things in our respective neighbourhoods.
It would be interesting to find out where the van and its occupants are operating their cruel and heartless trade today.
It’s a Mercedes van with the distinctive Merc logo and a 181 D number-plate – keep and eye out for it.