Reminder to Herding Teenagers and their Shepherds

Social Isolation was rarely a life choice but now it could be a   life saver. Photograph: John Reidy

“I was wondering if some kind of reminder could be put out there to teenagers who are still going out in groups,” asked a local woman in a message to The Maine Valley Post  this morning.

She cited a group of young men – who were playing football at the Castleisland Desmonds GAA Club grounds yesterday – as an example.

Dropped and Collected by Adults

It wasn’t so much that they were playing football, or the venue of their choice, but the fact that they were being dropped off there and collected by adults in cars.

“We were out for a bit of air yesterday afternoon to try to shake off the cabin fever and I noticed a few cars which were dropping off teenagers at the pitch to play football together and they were collecting them again afterwards.

A Reminder to Teenagers

“There weren’t many now but it still shouldn’t really be going on.

“I wonder could the Desmonds club give out a reminder to the parents as these teenagers were being dropped there and collected in cars by adults ? she asked in conclusion.

Simple to Understand Rules of Containment

There isn’t an awful lot to get or understand about the general HSE and medical professionals advice to us, the members of the public.

Don’t meet up in groups. Observe the new ‘Social Distancing’ norms of two metres away from each other and Wash your Hands.

These are simple to understand rules which will save lives in these worrying times.

Social media carried complaints from people yesterday who thought that the beaches, parks and shopping centres they visited were far too packed for their liking – maybe without realising that they were contributing to the very problem by being there and bringing it all back home.

That kind of heedlessness is just what will drive our government towards even more strict guidelines in its widely applauded efforts to take the majority of us safely through these trying times.

Social isolation was rarely ever a life choice but now it’s a life saver.

Ballymacelligott GAA Club Facilities Shut Down

And, on that note: Ballymacelligott GAA Club has issued an urgent message to all its members this morning.

“Ballymacelligott GAA club is officially closed as are our two pitches. No one should be on the premises and everyone is asked to train at home.

“We are pleading with members to abide by the HSE guidelines of social distancing in order to save lives over the coming weeks,” according to the unambiguous club statement.