Castleisland RFC Presents Final Split the Bucket Cheque – For Now

Castleisland Rugby Club Treasurer, Brian O’Sullivan (left) presenting the last pre-shutdown winner’s cheque to Stephen McCarthy after his March 14th Split the Bucket win netted him €1,050.

While exercising exemplary social distancing, Castleisland Rugby Club Treasurer, Brian O’Sullivan presented the last pre-shutdown Split the Bucket winning cheque to local man, Stephen McCarthy.

Stephen won €1,050 in the draw at The Shoemaker’s Bar on March 14th before the club called a halt on health and safety grounds and the shutters came down on the pubs in compliance with Covid-19 stemming restrictions.

Last ‘Thousandaire’ for Now

“Stephen will be our last ‘Thousandaire’ for now. We will be back in action as soon as things return to normal.

“We would like to assure our supporters who have already completed envelopes that they will be entered in the next draw.

Best Wishes to All

“Castleisland RFC committee would like to wish everyone the best,” said club PRO, Noirín Uí Chathasaigh.