Brosna GAA Club and Parish News Round-Up

We’re Better Together

Not surprising it’s a quiet week for news.The whole world is on hold for now – weddings, holy communions, parties – everything put on the long finger, as they say.

Rather than sit and simmer and spend too much time focusing on what’s missing from our lives, let’s take time each day to celebrate all of the wonderful blessings that we are enjoying at this time.

Neighbours Helping Neighbour

We have space here in the parish to get out and about while observe social distancing.

It’s a wonderful time of year with nature regenerating offering a promise of a flourishing future.

There is a true community spirit at play with neighbours offering help to neighbours – it’s all really inspiring.

One of the Biggest Bonuses

As well, people are connecting more by phone or video link with their friends and family.

We’re investing time in good relationships and valuing those we love.

That is one of the biggest bonuses that has come out of this uncertain time. Let’s not forget, each day we are a day closer to life becoming normal again.

Stay safe and God bless.