Easter Egg Gifts Fanning the Flames of Friendship in Castleisland

Cllr. Charlie Farrelly (left) pictured with his partner, Martina O’Mahony and neighbour Pat Hartnett distributing Easter Eggs and cards throughout their 97 house neighborhood this morning. ©Photograph: John Reidy

An all enveloping and deep vein of generosity is what’s most noticeable as a characteristic of our people in these unprecedented times of apprehension and confinement.

Yes there are people behaving as if there’s nothing out of place with unforgivable shows of ignorance and disregard for their own and the health of those they share living spaces with.

There’s Always Light

Even though there’s darkness around us and the days ahead will be daunting and the constant news may get to some more than others – there’s always light of one kind or another to torch that darkness.

And there most certainly is help out there – or here – where ever your perspective is.

This Easter morning may have been dull and it may well be a reflection of how many people are feeling – but there is light.

A fine example of Easter Sunday morning light radiated around Cahereen Heights this morning as local residents and estate management company members handed out Easter Eggs to their, almost 100, neighbours.

Unusual Round of Deliveries

Cllr. Charlie Farrelly and his partner, Martina O’Mahony and their neighbour Pat Hartnett were on, probably, the most unusual round of deliveries and in, definitely, the most unusual Easter Sunday circumstances.

Observing Social Distancing to the letter of the recommendations, the Easter Bunny Trio went to all 97 doors in the neighbourhood, left the gifts on the doorsteps, did their knock, knock and backed off.

Note with Easter Greetings

A note with the thoughtful gift read: “Happy Easter to You All.”

“A big thank you to everyone for abiding by the rules during these tough times.

“Here is a small gift to show our appreciation from Cahereen Heights Management Company Ltd.

“Tel: 087 20 56 150 if you need any assistance or advice.”

For those of you tempted to ask, the ‘Eggs’ by the way were the giant Cadbury’s Creme Egg variety.  Happy Easter to all.