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Striving to Begin Again

The celebration of Easter unites the ancient pagan world – the name of the festival deriving from the ancient Spring goddess Oestra – with the most important religious celebration in the Christian calendar.

Both school’s of thought embrace the same theme – rebirth, renewal, new beginnings.

As we enter phase II of our Covid-19 lock-down, it’s a good opportunity to consider what parts of our lives need renewal.

We have three more weeks to apply some genuine effort to rebuilding our health, relationships, intellects and even our gardens.

With positive actions that renew our individual worlds, we can imbue our very existence with purpose.

Let’s strive to come out of our cocoons stronger and more evolved. Life is an extraordinary gift.

Let’s use it wisely!

Meanwhile, School in September

Brosna National School is registering new students for the coming academic year.

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