In our Covid-19 Lock-down Era – What Do You Think of This ?

The Dance of Life. Holy Communicants obeying their heart’s desires at a reception in their honour at their local national school in Scartaglin on a Saturday afternoon in 2014.  ©Photograph: John Reidy 3-5-2014

What would you say to the local lady who, in a message to the MVP today,  threw out the idea of the church facilitating holy communion / confirmations with separate time slots for family units and without the social distancing ?

The message is as follows:

“Hi just an idea, I don’t have a child for confirmation or communion but for those who have could the churches not organise allotted slot times for each child with the family in the household to go and do their confirmation/communion.

Get the photo 10 / 15 minutes at least they get it done without the social distancing issue.”

I replied to the lady amd repeated all of the sound HSE and Government advice we’re all getting and most of us sticking to and I asked if the health issues this would bring to the door of the priest administering the sacraments were being considered.  What would you say to her ?