Joe Browne – Proof of The Parish Raising the Child and the Georgie Experience

Joe Browne – living proof of the ‘It takes a Village …. adage and the late Castleisland Juvenile Soccer Club coach, Georgie O’Callaghan (1947 – 2018) whose second anniversary occurred yesterday, April 17th. ©Photographs: John Reidy

There is an old saying that ‘it takes a parish to raise a child.’ That is most true for me and many more who were fortunate to grow up in our small town over the last 50 years.

By Joe Browne
The first time I travelled outside the country, Georgie took me, the first time I was on a plane, Georgie took me, the first time I saw a premiership game Georgie took me, the first time I was in an amusement park – a proper one – we went on a roller coaster ride in Blackpool, Georgie took me, the first time I stayed in someone else’s house outside of my cousins, Georgie took me to Homefarm.

Eight or Nine in the Car

He took us all over Ireland playing games, sometimes eight or nine of us in the car. He is Castleisland for me, the greatest man who gave of himself unselfishly his entire life.
It’s so incredibly sad he won’t see what he always dreamed of – a permanent home for Castleisland AFC – come to fruition.
No single person has done more for so many! The term Legend is bandied about too much these days, it’s losing its true meaning.
We had only one Legend in Castleisland in my lifetime and now he is gone to his eternal reward.
Thanks for everything Georgie.