Castleisland Pitch & Putt Club Looking Forward to Post Lock-Down Days

Castleisland Pitch & Putt Club Chairman, John Fitzgerald pictured on the course this week in preparation for a resumption of activity and to announce special membership offers for all ages. ©Photograph: John Reidy
The old watchman’s hut today and a survivor from the days when the Castleisland Pitch and Putt Club grounds were a base for the Board of Works River Maine Dredging Scheme in the late 1950s early 1960s. ©Photograph: John Reidy

The coming Sunday, May 10th will mark, to the day, the opening of Castleisland Pitch and Putt and Sports Club in 1966.

The actual date of its opening was May 8th. but, like everything else at that time, Sundays were reserved for the really big events in communities and in the country as a whole.

Bord of Works Base

The course was built on land which belonged to the W.H. O’Connor family and which had been used as a base for the Board of Works during its huge dredging operation on the nearby River Maine and its tributaries from the source outside Castleisland to the sea in Castlemaine Bay in the late 1950s and into the early1960s.

The clubhouse was once the office for the dredging project and, as explosives were very much part of the tools of the trade, a watchman’s hut was also constructed – and it remains there today at the entrance to the course.

First P&P Course in Kerry

The club was reputed to be the first in Kerry and, as an 18 hole course, was also deemed the longest in Munster.

It has also drawn in many compliments on the landscaping, maintenance and scenic fronts.

The club has staged provincial and national championship matches over those years and has had a full calendar of prestigious and locally sponsored competitions – until now.

Now, striking while the irons are hot, the club, while lamenting the closing of the local golf club, has issued an invitation to locals to look again at pitch and putt and the opportunity it presents for an evening’s sport and recreation.

Attractive Membership Rates

That’s, of course, when the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted sufficiently to allow the game to return.

“We’re offering some very attractive membership rates from here until the end of the year,” said club spokesman, James Dignan.

“It’s a great game for young people and it’s no harm to remember that many of our golfing heroes started out playing pitch and putt on their local courses. Take Shane Lowry for example – and look at what he did last summer,” said James.

No Green Fees

The club will be run on a members only basis and green fees will not be taken. Club membership rates are as follows: Juveniles: €35; Student: €60; OAPs: €60; Adults: €75; Family of four – two adults and two U-16 children: €120.”

Quoted Rates to Year’s End

The May 18th opening up date may be aspirational now but the above quoted rates will apply from a government approved resumption of play to the end of this calendar year.

Anyone wishing to contact the club can do so on: 086 82 61 395.