Brosna GAA Club and Parish News Round-Up

Brosna GAA Club PRO, Mariéad Moriartywith all the news from the club and parish.

Dawn Chorus Tweeting

The dawn chorus never ceases to amaze. The dazzling array of bird song working like an orchestra, brings wonder to our lives.

When you get out for your daily walks or sit by an open window, enjoy the beauty of the songbirds all around you.

Take out those ear phones, switch off the tv, tune in to our feathered friends.

They are bringing a valuable message to you.

They are telling you of the winter storms they have weathered. They are singing of the sunny days ahead.

Remembrance and Reconciliation 75 Years Later

This week marks the date of Remembrance and Reconciliation for those who lost their lives in WWII.

Our Parish, not dissimilar to other communities across the globe, has very real connections with individuals who endured loss through that bleak time in world history.

Our remembrance should reinforce our belief that no life should ever be lost in conflict.

Our reconciliation should renew our efforts to find peaceful solutions to all disputes.

It is said that women and children are those who suffer most in time of war.

Tied Up In Warfare

How meaningful it would be, therefore, if all of the global economy tied up in warfare and weaponry was redirected into healthcare and education.

This might have sounded like a utopian ideal six months ago but in light of current developments, I am sure everyone sees ventilators as a better choice than guns.

Well trained doctors and nurses more valuable than snipers. Let’s take any action we can this week to push for reconciliation – however small – in our lives. Start local, think global.