Liz’s Kindness Appreciated by Well Loved Cahereen Heights Neighbours

Liz Flynn and a sample of the Covid-19 personal safety products which she distributed to her neighbours in Cahereen Heights in Castleisland last week. Photograph by Kate Shanahan.
Cllr. Charlie Farrelly (left) pictured with his partner, Martina O’Mahony and neighbour Pat Hartnett distributing Easter Eggs to their spoiled heighbours on Easter Sunday morning. ©Photograph: John Reidy

The people of Cahereen Heights here in Castleisland would appear to have a monopoly on being cared for and loved by their friends and neighbours in these surreal mornings, noons and nights.

On Easter Sunday morning their neighbours, Cllr. Charlie Farrelly and his partner, Martina along with Pat Hartnett distributed Easter eggs and cards to all in the almost 100 house estate.

The gesture was made on behalf of the estate management group and the response was heartwarming and so welcome as the lock-down strode into its first month of blanket restrictions.

That Cared for Feeling

Last week, another resident and local hairdresser, Liz Flynn renewed that cared-for feeling of her neighbours when she dipped into her own resources and supplied all around her with packs of reusable face masks and ‘multi surface wipes.’

Summing up the response of her neighbours to this latest, uplifting gesture from their own area, local artist Kate Shanahan made contact as follows:

A Very Kind Thing

I don’t know if you would run it as a story but said I would contact you about it. Our neighbour here in Cahereen heights, Liz Flynn, did a very kind thing today.

“Out of her own pocket she bought a load of masks and cleaning wipes and called to the houses today to give them out.

“She told me she had also posted them out to elderly people who may need them in the town.

“This selfless act of generosity and kindness would really restore anyone’s faith in humanity… such a kind gesture in these hard times .. just a nice heart warming story and thought it would be nice for people to know what a lovely thing she did,”… Kate.

Act Of Altruism

The reluctant heroine of the story, Liz Flynn wasn’t over anxious for her act of altruism to be given the publicity it deserved.

“Oh for God’s sake,” she began “I just got the idea that people could do with the equipment and I knew where to get it – and I just wanted to help people who wouldn’t know.

‘Doing My Little Bit’

“I was only too glad to do my little bit in the middle of all this stress and worry and I’d like to think it will make a difference to the people who receive them.

“I hope we’ll all get through these times healthy and safe and together,” said Liz.

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