Birthday Greetings from Jane in Castleisland to Her Nan in Cordal

Kathleen O’Connor’s special birthday being remembered by her grand-daughter, Jane Lawlor with a request very much for the times we’re living in.

Good morning Kathleen,

Happy birthday to you…..

I got the following note from your loving and considerate grand-daughter, Jane Lawlor asking that this notice be included here this morning on your special day,

Hi John,

My Grandmother Kathleen O’Connor from Cordal is turning 80 on Wednesday the 20th May.

I was just wondering if you could put in a Happy Birthday to her from all her family and friends, as we all can’t visit her and celebrate during this Covid-19.
Thanks, Jane Lawlor.

Happy Birthday also Kathleen from John Skevena O’Sullivan and all your River Island Hotel card playing friends.