Brosna GAA Club and Parish News Round-Up

Brosna GAA Club PRO, Mariéad Moriartywith all the news from the club and parish.

We’re into June! The sound of the cuckoo and the distant hum of silage rigs operating under a brilliant blue sky, all reinforce my belief that life in Brosna doesn’t get much better than this!

With an absence of local news, I looked to the UN calendar for inspiration for the notes.

June 1st was International Parents Day.

Children Shaped and Influenced

What with the upsurge in home-schooling and the intensive hours families are in close confines, more than ever each child is shaped and influenced by the actions and beliefs of their parents.

It’s a great responsibility.

As parents you get to shape the citizens and society of tomorrow.

Anger and Injustice

Looking at the race riots across the US, highlights the anger and injustice when prejudice and fear take hold.

No one comes into this world with prejudices or racist beliefs.

They are learned attitudes handed down from parents and their immediate communities to their children.

In our own small way, let’s continue consciously to promote openness and tolerance so that the next generations will flourish.