Castleisland Blood Donors Wanted – By Appointment Only

Donors are being invited to give blood – by appointment only – at Castleisland Community Centre on the coming Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, June 22nd. 23rd. and 24th.

A three day series of, appointments only, blood donation clinics will be held at Castleisland Community Centre from 5pm to 8pm nightly on the coming Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, June 22nd. 23rd. and 24th.

The is recommend that you have eaten something and have had plenty of cold drinks before donating blood.

Allow yourself about an hour and a half to complete the process at the clinic from the registration to refreshments.

Speak to a Doctor

If you feel unwell after making a donation or think you may be coming down with an infection and wish to speak to the doctor on call, please contact: 021 48 07 400 for donors in the Munster region.

An illness or injury, however minor, may mean it is not safe to give your blood to a sick patient.

Certain medications can also be harmful to patients.

Therefore it is important that you are well and healthy when you come to donate blood.

Recent travel may also mean that you may not be eligible to donate.

IBTS Donor line at 1850 731 137

When you attend a clinic you will have an opportunity to speak in confidence with a nurse but if you have any queries in relation to your health or travel history you can contact the IBTS Donor-line at 1850 731 137.

Information is also available in the ‘Can I Give Blood’ section.

New and Returning Donors

For new and returning donors who haven’t given blood in the last five years, you should review the New & Returning donors eligibility quiz to see if there are any reasons you might be unable to donate.

All clinics are now appointment slots based so make an appointment to ensure you are able to attend.

Donors in the Munster area are advised to ring 021 48 07 400 for appointments.

For all you need to know about the service and donating blood just click on the link here: