Paul Brown Brand Glasses Found in Castleisland This Week

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This pair of Paul Brown glasses was found in Castleisland this week and can be claimed by contacting Stuart Auctioneers on 066 71 41199











A note from Laura at Stuart Auctioneers office about a pair of branded glasses found in Castleisland on Wednesday.
The brand is Paul Brown.

The glasses were lost / found at 119 Upper Main Street on Wednesday.

“Someone kind enough, picked them up and put them on our office windowsill and we brought them in – in the hope that can give them back to whoever lost them,” said Tom Stuart this morning.

The glasses are now looking for an owner and can be collected in Stuart Auctioneers office.

If you, or someone you know last the glasses in Castleisland yesterday you / they can have them back by contacting Stuart Auctioneers office on
066 71 41199 or by dropping in with due care and consideration for the times we’re living in.