Council Commences Consultation on New County Development Plan

Work has commenced on the drafting of the new County Development Plan for Kerry.

The plan sets out the broad strategic and sustainable planning principles and objectives for the county over the six-year period from 2022 to 2028.

Six-Year Plan

The County Development Plan, which is provided for under planning legislation, sets out the policy framework and a core strategy within which development throughout the county is promoted and regulated over the six-year period of the plan.

It will progress through a number of stages before being presented to the elected members of Kerry County Council for consideration and adoption.

Early in the Process

The first part of the process is public consultation on a high-level issues paper which deals with the broad principles involved in the new County Development Plan.

The paper is now available to download from the dedicated County Development Plan website below.

Shaping The Future

Public participation is an essential element in the planning process, and in particular in the formation of planning policies which will shape the future development of the county. Submissions and observations are now invited from members of the public on the Issues Paper and the broad principles which should help to form the new County Development Plan.

Downloadable Paper

Submissions/observations on the Issues Paper, and which should deal with broad principles rather than specific zonings and related matters which will be considered later, may be made in writing or by email until the closing date of 21 August 2020.

The paper is now available to download with a click on the link here: