Cllr. Farrelly Alerting Constituents to Housing Adaptations Grants

Cllr. Charlie Farrelly providing people in his area with information on the €73.75 million in funding being announced and made available in 2020 for Housing Adaptations Grants. ©Photograph: John Reidy

Cllr. Charlie Farrelly sent a breakdown of the Housing Adaptations Grant allocations for each local authority of the €73.75 million funding announced by the Government.

These grants are being made available in 2020 for housing adaptation work for older people and people with a disability living in private houses.

Making Houses Fit for Needs

“Grants of up to €30,000 are available to assist people with a disability in carrying out necessary works to make a house more suitable for their needs,” said Cllr. Farrelly.

“Up to €8,000 is available to assist older people living in poor housing conditions to have necessary repairs or improvements carried out.

“There’s also up to €6,000 for mobility aids to address mobility problems for a member of the household.

Creating Employment Opportunities

“The grants are 80% funded from the exchequer by the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government, with 20% funding from the relevant local authority.

“The system also creates employment opportunities for builders and local businesses and it helps reduce the dependency on our health services by supporting independent living for as long as possible.

Types Of Works Allowable

“The types of works allowable under the scheme include the provision of: access ramps; downstairs toilet facilities; stair-lifts/hoists; accessible showers; adaptations to facilitate wheelchair access; extensions and any other works which are reasonably necessary for the purposes of rendering a house more suitable for the accommodation of a person with a disability or an elderly person,” said Cllr. Farrelly.