Story Map of Milltown Archaeological Ring-Fort Discoveries Published

Examples of the well-preserved wooden vessels which were discovered in the ring-fort at Lissaniska.
An aereal view of the work at Lissaniska. Photographs courtesy of: the Archaeological Consultancy Services Unit

For Heritage Week 2020, Archaeological Consultancy Services Unit (ACSU) has published an open source interactive ‘story map’ which includes a video, detailing local archaeological discoveries.

The finds were made just west of Milltown in advance of the construction of the N70 Kilderry Bends Road Improvement Scheme.

First Farmers in the Area

It describes the evidence uncovered of the first farmers in the area, including a beautiful flint leaf-shaped arrowhead and a tiny stone bead.

The excavations at ‘Lissaniska’, an early medieval ringfort, revealed some of the earliest direct evidence for the processing of flax in County Kerry, perhaps even all of Munster.

Well-Preserved Wooden Vessels

Three well-preserved wooden vessels were also discovered in this ring-fort and may have been used to bail water to fill the flax retting ponds.

Aspects of the Godfrey estate were also discovered, including the remains of an 18th-century cottage and elements of landscaping within the estate, which was used as a deer park for the landed gentry of the time.

On-Line Access to Story Map

This archaeological work was undertaken on behalf of Kerry County Council and overseen by archaeologists from Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII).

This, and other Story Maps, can be accessed through the TII Story Map webpage at:

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