A Double 625 for St. Patrick’s and a 7H1 at Presentation Castleisland

High achievers: St. Patrick’s students, Luke Walsh (left) and Paddy Brosnan with Presentation Castleisland student, Eibhlís Brosnan.
Pres Principal, Katherina Broderick with her high achieving student, Eibhlís Brosnan and St. Patrick’s Principal Denis O’Donovan.

Two leaving certificate students from St. Patrick’s Secondary School, Castleisland scored the maximum of 625 points in this year’s leaving certificate. And their success was echoed at the opposite side of town by Presentation Castleisland student, Eibhlís Brosnan who achieved 7H1s.

Luke Walsh and Paddy Brosnan

At St.Patrick’s, Luke Walsh, Castleisland and Paddy Brosnan from Scartaglin both realised their long-term goals of achieving the maximum points.

Luke’s and Paddy’s grades included 6 H1’s one of which was in higher level mathematics for which they received the bonus 25 points.

“Both Luke and Paddy set the bar very early in their academic journey in St. Patrick’s when they received top grades in their junior certificate exams,” said Principal Denis O’Donovan.

State Examinations Commission

“Subsequently they were identified by the State Examinations Commission as being high achievers in the Mathematics and Science subjects, the subjects which became their focus for the leaving certificate.

“It is a wonderful achievement and only comes about through a consistent commitment to hard work and a huge desire to achieve and be the best, attributes which were the cornerstone of Luke and Paddy’s academic endeavours throughout their time with us.

“Congratulations to Luke and Paddy and their families on this fantastic achievement,” said Mr. O’Donovan.

Results Brought Great Relief

“The release of the Leaving Certificate results this week brought great relief to the leaving certificate class of 2020.

“Since March last the path to obtaining their leaving certificate was very unclear from exams in June as normal, to exams in August, to finally the system of calculated grades.

“Huge credit to all students and their teachers for being patient and staying with the process.

Delighted With The Outcome

“We were delighted with the outcome of the process with 21% of the class scoring over 500 points and all other students achieving to their potential and all results were in line with previous years.

Congratulations to all our leaving certificate students on their results and the very best of luck to them all as they start the next chapter of their lives

“They were a wonderful class and it was a great pleasure to have worked with them in the classroom and to be part of their many sporting achievements,” Mr. O’Donovan concluded.

Meanwhile at Presentation Castleisland…..

Presentation Secondary School, Castleisland also celebrated on Monday as the Leaving Certificate calculated grades were presented to the class of 2020.

Outstanding results were achieved by all. One one of our students, Eibhlís Brosnan, achieved 7H1s,” said Principal, Katherina Broderick as she congratulated the class members on their consistent work ethic and commitment to study even as they worked remotely.

This group of students showed that they can overcome challenges and exhibited a resilience which was justly rewarded on results day.

All in Presentation Secondary School are delighted for them and wish them continued success in the next phase of their lives,” she said.

Eibhlís Brosnan – a Gifted Student

With regard to Eibhlís Brosnan, Ms. Broderick commented: Eibhlís is a most unassuming young lady who has proven a consistent achiever over the years.

A gifted student both academically and musically, Eibhlís has accompanied the school choir at all performances on keyboard and harp.

She speaks Irish and Spanish fluently and now hopes to study Spanish and Commerce in UCC.”