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Burning Issue as Fire Safety Week Ends

We are coming to the end of Fire Safety Week.  Here are some key reminders for everyone. 

Buy at least two smoke alarms and put them at strategic points within your home.

Most of the House Insurance policies are invalid if your home doesn’t contain working smoke alarms so make the small investment now.

If you already have smoke alarms, carry out a test to ensure they are fully functioning.

Check your home for any obvious dangers.  For example, faulty wiring, no fire guards.

Have an effective escape plan in place for you and your family if you are woken by a smoke alarm.  Things to consider, do all of your family know where you keep the keys to unlock the front and back doors?

Visit for all useful information.

Separately, but of equal importance, is to buy a Carbon Monoxide alarm.

This is a vital detector important for any households that have fuel burning appliances.  Any good hardware shop sells these alarms.

Mindfulness in the Middle of Stress

October 10th was the World Health Organisation, World Mental Health Day. 

This is the day to consider the importance of good mental health, the important mental health services and lastly, though by no means least, the wonderful individuals who work within the mental health sector helping alleviate suffering.

The Covid lockdowns are contributing to psychological difficulties for many people at present.  Everything from stress around financial problems, loneliness and isolation are magnified.

On top of which, the lack of any expected conclusion to this pandemic is at the very root of so much fear and hopelessness.

But do stay strong. This extraordinary chapter in our history will draw to a close and we will get back to our daily lives enjoying the pleasure of engaging in our mundane day to day activities.

In the meantime, look out for one another, keep the communication lines open and be kind to one another.

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