River Maine Oil Spillage Source Identified and Fixed and Collection Booms Deployed

Booms at Barrack Street Bridge, Castleisland with traces of oil seepage from the drain at the right side of the boom. Photograph: Cathleen Reidy 15-10-2020

The appearance of booms in the River Maine at Barrack Street in Castleisland over the past couple of days was the result of a low level oil leak in the locality.

Kerry County Council engineer, Mark O’Sullivan confirmed the presence of oil in the river water and confirmed that the source had been discovered.

Leak Fixed, Residue Being Collected

The leak has now been fixed and the owners identified and advised that the placing of the booms and absorbent material in the river were the best options to contain any further traces of the spillage.

The booms will also isolate the oil and help in the collection of residue and determine when it is ready to be skimmed off the surface of the water.

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