Social Bubble Concept – A Workable Weapon Against Social Isolation – Cllr. Fitzgerald

Cllr. Fionnán Fitzgerald, as a well known community activist, believes that the Social Bubble concept will be of benefit to people in need of a support structure.

An Email from the Ballymacelligott based Cllr. Fionnán Fitzgerald expressing his interest in and approval of the ‘Social Bubble’ concept as the Covid-19 winter-time lock-down takes a grip on the nation from midnight tonight.

“I see it as something of huge value for those elderly, vulnerable or living alone in our communities,” said the Fianna Fáil councillor and community activist.

“It has huge potential in helping people through the coming weeks – we are all in this as a family and must do everything we can to help each other.

Rise to the Challenge Again

“I encourage all parishes, communities and groups that did so much during the first lock-down to take up the baton for us all and begin again to help their own communities over the coming weeks.

“I encourage everyone to help identify and contact those in their area that might benefit from this concept of Social Bubbles.

“If you could put a piece out on it I think it would greatly encourage people to take it on board and work with and in the idea,” said Cllr. Fitzgerald – who also included a link to the government site which explains the Social Bubble concept in easy to follow details. Please click on the link here for more:

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