Tommy Finds the Short Mountain More Challenging than the Alps or the Pyrenees

Tommy Sheehy’s fundraising total for Enable Ireland over the past decade has just passed the €100,000 mark at the weekend. . ©Photograph: John Reidy

A Castleisland man has cycled to the summit of Europe’s most notorious mountains over the past decade.

The same mountains on which you see the elite cyclists on TV as they gasp for air during the likes of the Tour de France.

And because of his efforts, the Tralee resident, Tommy Sheehy has just seen his accumulated charity fundraising total pass the €100,000 mark as November bowed to the in-rushing December.

Tommy’s 2020 Euro Tour Hit by Covid-19

Tommy would have been on the mountains of Europe again this past summer but for the travel restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 virus.

Instead he’s up and down the ‘Short Mountain’ between Tralee and Castlemaine like the proverbial yo-yo since the spring in an effort to clock up 200,000 meters for his charity, Enable Ireland.

Gruelling Schedule Nears End

Tommy intends to complete his grueling schedule before this month and year bow out.

By then he will have cycled and climbed the equivalent of Carrantuohill 200 times or Mount Everest 24 times.

On his own doorstep it may be, but Tommy said that the constant climbing of the ‘Short Mountain’ is the toughest task he has ever set himself.

Toughest Challenge Ever

“This is the toughest challenge I ever took on. As well as the physical toughness, this requires a different kind of mental strength in facing the constant up and down and repeatedly tackling the same climb.

“Since 2011 I’ve done three tours of the French Alps, two tours of the Pyrenees on the French and Spanish sides.

Backing Tommy’s Efforts

“I’ve also been up the Sierra Nevada mountains in Spain and toured Slovenia and Croatia and northern Italy – but I still say that the ‘Short Mountain Challenge 2020’ is the toughest one yet,” said Tommy.

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