Cllr. Fitzgerald’s Eye Opening Motion for Fundraisers and Donors

Cllr. Fionnán Fitzgerald with a motion for Kerry County Council and a warning for fundraising site donors.

The next ordinary meeting of Kerry County Council will be held on-line on the coming Monday, January 18th from 10:30am.

Cllr. Fionnán Fitzgerald has an eye-opening motion which will be of huge interest to the many fund-raisers and donors around the county.

It seems that bogus fund-raising sites are targetting well meaning and innocent donors in this country by setting up look-alike sites and mimicking genuinely hard cases and are raking in considerable sums of money for their criminal activities.

Timber and Turf Cutting

Cllr. Fitzgerald is also calling on Kerry County Council to oppose the proposed ban on the cutting of turf and timber to keep the home fires burning. See Cllr. Fitzgerald’s motions below:

Cllr. Fionnán Fitzgerald’s Motions

“The recent and false GoFundMe, Fundly, iDonate etc online fundraisers be stopped by our Government in the future.

Legitimate fundraising sites are being used by false campaigns using very sad, tragic or difficult situations to take money from people who think they are donating to genuine causes.

These legitimate fundraising sites are based outside Ireland.

The Irish DPP has to contact the relevant nation’s DPP or equivalent by which time large amounts of money have been innocently given to criminals taking advantage of the situation and the page that shared the link in Ireland has been shut down.

A system of international law enforcement of same along with strengthened practices by legitimate fundraising sites needs to be developed in the immediate future.”

Oppose Ban on Turf and Timber Cutting

Cllr. Fitzgerald is also proposing that: “That Kerry County Council is opposed to any banning of the cutting of turf or timber for fuel by the people of Kerry.

This ancient tradition is part of our culture and is one that we should uphold for future generations. In a country without it’s own oil or coal reserves, to ban the use of turf for fuel would do huge damage to our people especially those less well off and likely to suffer from fuel poverty and cold related illnesses.”

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