New Autism-Friendly Communication Board in Tralee Town Park

Tralee’s first step in becoming an Autism Friendly Town has been taken with the installation of this ‘Communication Board’ in the playground in the town park.
A great day for Mná Spraoí Oileán Chiarraí and Castleisland as the hard fought for children’s playground opens at Tonbwee in March 2010.  ©Photograph: John Reidy 28-3-2010. 

Tralee is aiming to become an Autism Friendly Town and, as part of achieving that ambition, Tralee Municipal District has installed a Communication Board in the playground at Tralee Town Park.

The board, which is the first of its kind in Kerry County Council managed playgrounds, will assist those with disabilities to communicate in different ways by pointing to a picture on the board to better convey what they wish to do.

Innovative Approach to Inclusion

The Mayor of Tralee, Cllr Terry O Brien welcomed the new Communication Board said that the playground sign is an innovative approach for creating a more inclusive experience for all to enjoy. “I also wish to acknowledge the dedication and hard work of Tralee’s Autism Friendly Committee in the town’s journey to achieve the Autism Friendly Town accreditation,” said Mayor O’Brien.

Roll Out of Initiatives

Aisling Sweeney of the Tralee Autism Friendly Committee said that the committee is delighted with the communication board.

“We will be moving forward in 2021 with the effort to make Tralee an Autism Friendly Town and hope to have the backing of retail, leisure and hospitality communities as we roll out other initiatives,”she said.

Mná Spraoí Oileán Chiarraí 

Now, in the interests of inclusion, Castleisland also has a fine children’s playground for which a group loosely know as Mná Spraoí Oileán Chiarraí fund-raised morning, noon and night to put it there.

They achieved their objective with a glorious opening day at the end of March 2010. Being such a great and reaching out idea for the park in Tralee, wouldn’t a Communication Board in the playground here in Castleisland be just the finishing touch it needs to be wrapped up in that comfort blanket of inclusion.

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