Action Must be Taken on Cameras, Fly-Tipping and Illegal Dumping – Pa Daly TD

An outstanding example of our blatant ignorance and disregard for the environment around us. Ideal recycling material in the ironing board and a clothes horse dumped on the Castleisland by-pass between the Tralee and Killarney roads at Farranabrack. Teachta Pa Daly is advocating the use of CCTV cameras in an effort to put a stop to this kind of reckless behaviour.    Photograph: Cathleen Reidy
Compost material: A plastic bag of squeezed lemons most likely thrown from a car on the same stretch of the Castleisland bypass but this time on the Knocknagore side. Photograph: Cathleen Reidy

Pa Daly, Sinn Féin TD for Kerry, has urged the Government and Kerry County Council to take immediate action to deal with the scourge of illegal dumping.

For years now, illegal dumping has been a problem throughout the country. 

It is particularly galling to see bags of rubbish dumped at roadsides and in scenic areas with no concern for the environment or the community that surrounds it,” said Teachta Daly.

Fine or Prosecute Culprits

The only deterrent is to find the culprits and fine or prosecute them. 

Given these people are driving into the countryside or out of towns to dump their rubbish, CCTV will be an essential tool that county councils and an Garda Síochána can use to find and charge them. 

Seeing mattresses, furniture and household waste dumped in remote spots and on private land is a disgrace when there is a number of waste collection companies to avail of. 

Cameras Not Prohibited by GDPR

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) does not prohibit the use of CCTV, if anything the legislation introduced by the EU in 2018 clarifies the position regarding the processing of personal information.

The Data Protection Commission has published clear guidance on the use of CCTV, including community CCTV, while the Law Society of Ireland has studied the use and states that it is acceptable as long as it is operated in accordance with GDPR.

No Ambiguity Around Cameras

All community scheme run CCTV must be approved by the Garda Commissioner who operates a quarterly review to vet these and ensure they are compliant with both the Garda Síochána Act and the European Convention on Human Rights Act. 

There should be no ambiguity here: CCTV is perfectly acceptable and it can be introduced without further delay. 

I have written to Kerry County Council to urge them to move forward with CCTV as a means to stop this practice,” said Teachta Daly.

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