Daly Critical of Protracted Processing Delays in Department of Agriculture

Sinn Féin TD for Kerry Pa Daly has been questioning years of delays in the processing of applications by farmers / foresters and fishermen and the bottle-necks in the various departments which cause the delays.

Sinn Féin TD for Kerry, Pa Daly, criticised processing delays within the Department of Agriculture in Dáil Éireann last week, highlighting a range of issues affecting beef farmers, forestry and aquaculture in Kerry. 

Teachta Daly said that he has been continually hearing from constituents who are frustrated with the Department of Agriculture and the Marine over the past year.

Applications Routinely Denied

The main complaint is that applications for a variety of licenses are routinely denied, and then held up in appeal for months, and in some cases, years,” he said.

Beef farmers are telling me that their appeals on a beef suckler scheme will take at least 12 weeks to review because there are hundreds of appeals backlogged. 

It would appear the mechanism for reviewing and sharing documentation between the department and the appeals office needs review. 

Staff Facing Challenges

There is no question staff are facing additional challenges due to Covid-19, but departmental management must look into this and make changes or add resources where necessary.”

I’m also hearing from foresters who cannot fell cultivated forests, with some applications looking like they will be in process for over three years by the time a decision is made. 

Issue Raised with Minister McConalogue 

When I raised this in the Dáil to Minister McConalogue last week, he responded that additional ecologists have been hired to assist with reviewing applications in light of requirements under the EU Habitat and Birds Directive, which necessitates an ecology review. 

However, we were told ecologists were hired last year and it has not made any difference. 

Ecology Review Costs €15,000

In one example, I asked about a license in July 2020 and was told it was held up due to the need for this review, however I was told in January that the application had not moved and that there is a nine-month backlog. 

The Department offered that the farmer could pay for his own ecology review, which could cost up to €15,000. 

‘In 2016 the Department issued an open invitation for aquaculture licenses which led to over 100 being submitted in Cromane, including fishers with no association with the area.’

Foreign Timber Imported 

I put it to Minister McConalogue that he needs to get the multiple divisions of the Forestry Appeals Committee up and money as was promised some time ago. 

Until this happens, foreign timber is being imported where an Irish product could be provided instead. 

Finally, in 2016 the department issued an open invitation for aquaculture licenses which led to over 100 being submitted in Cromane, including fishers with no association with the area. 

Still Appealing Four Years On

These applications were summarily rejected due to spatial concerns, and those that appealed are still in appeal over four years later.  The growers are telling me they do not even have a mechanism with which they can engage with the department on their appeal to advance the discussions or agree mitigation strategies to protect the marine environment. 

These bottlenecks must be removed and we must allow Irish farmers and growers to earn a living and supply the local market,”  said Teachta Daly in conclusion.

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