Resources Are Available to People with Long Term Health Conditions

At this time of Covid-19, Maeve Carmody, self-management support coordinator with Cork Kerry Community Healthcare is reminding those with long term health condition that resources and services are available to support them.

People living with a long-term health condition may be more at risk of serious illness if they get Covid-19 and need to take extra care to protect themselves.

It is also really important that they continue to manage their long-term health condition at this time.

Practical and Clear Information

A new leaflet called  ‘Minding your long-term health condition during Coronavirus’ provides practical and clear information to support people to manage their long-term health condition and to stay well.

You can download the leaflet from this link.

A Year of Changes

“A lot has changed over the last 11 months. It can be hard for someone living with a long-term health condition to know where to look for support and advice during COVID-19,” said Ms. Carmody.

“We put together this leaflet to help people with long term health conditions and to remind them that support is still available.

“The emotional effects of a long-term health condition can be difficult.

“Managing such conditions can increase the stress of everyday life but this has been even more difficult during COVID-19.

“Right now it is more important than ever that people seek help if they need it,” she said.

Key Messages Covered

Some of the key messages covered in the leaflet includes pointers like: Protect yourself from Covid-19; Monitor your health condition and seek help early from healthcare professionals if your condition worsens; Know where to go for additional supports such as recommended helplines, services and webpages; Continue to take your medications as prescribed; Mind your mental health;

Be as healthy as you can be; Eat well; Keep active; Stop smoking and reduce alcohol intake;   Adults aged 65+ are recommended to take a 15 micro-grams of Vitamin D supplement every day.

Tips and Reputable Websites  

Each of these key message is supported by a helpful tip and people are signposted to reputable websites or healthcare practitioners for further information.

This leaflet and many other resources including the ‘Tips on Self-managing your long-term health condition leaflet’ have been developed by the National Self-management Support Coordinator team. Details of these resources can be found on and the full list of resources is at this link.

Living Well Programme

Ms. Carmody also explained that Cork Kerry Community Healthcare is developing the Living Well programme.

“This is a free, six-week self-management programme for adults living with long-term health conditions.

Usually it is run face to face but during COVID-19 it is run online from the safety of your own home. We hope to start programmes in the late spring,” she said.

For more information or to find out how to register she advises that you go to:

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