A Massive Opportunity for Intentions at Saint Pio’s Tomb – Fr. Mossie Brick

Castleisland PP Fr. Mossie Brick has invited anyone who’d like to have their intentions taken to the tomb of Padre Pio to email them before Tuesday.

A message arrived from Castleisland parish office to let people know that they have a once-off opportunity to send their appeals / intentions directly to the tomb of Padre Pio in San Giovanni.

It’s in the form of an invitation to people from the locality and beyond to Email their messages before next Tuesday’s deadline. 

The message from Castleisland PP Fr. Mossie Brick reads as follows:

“We have been offered the opportunity to send our heart-felt intentions to the tomb of Padre Pio for Easter.

What a Blessed Opportunity!

Please email your intentions to: padrepiopetitions@gmail.com before the coming Tuesday, March 30th.

Your petitions will be brought to the blessed tomb of Saint Pio by Amanda Devine the Marian Pilgrimages representative based at San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy. We Parise you O Lord.”

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