Information Sought on Lady’s ‘Guess’ Purse Lost in Castleisland on Thursday

A Guess Purse. This is for illustration purposes only but the trademark would likely apply to all in the line of the lost purse.

I just got a message from a lady who lost a black ‘Guess’ purse in Castleisland yesterday. She left Lidl on the Tralee Road and drove towards town and turned towards Killarney Road around JK’s Corner.

For most of this journey the purse was on the roof of her car and she went back to Lidl where they checked the CCTV camera and the images confirmed this.

There was no cash in the purse and the cards it contained have all been cancelled now.

“We just reckon it was around JK’s turn, we also walked along the river walks this morning before school and we also checked the bins,” said a family member.

Kerry County Council staff have been notified and they’re kindly ringing around in an effort to find the missing purse.

If anyone finds it they can ring: 086 81 70 361 or 087 23 59 467

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