Live Congregation Padre Pio Devotions at Castleisland Parish Church on Friday at 7.30pm

Pews emptying, queues lengthening at Castleisland PP Fr. Mossie Brick blesses the attendance with the Padre Pio healing glove the first Padre Pio, Tuesday night novena at the Church of Saints Stephen and John. ©Photograph: John Reidy 7-1-2020

Crowds are expected in Castleisland on this Friday evening as the 54th anniversary of the death in 1968 of Padre Pio will be commemorated here.

Padre Pio Devotions will return to the Church of Saints Stephen and John in Castleisland on this special Friday evening, September 23rd at 7.30pm and with the first live congregation since the pre-Covid era.

The usual Tuesday evening monthly devotions to Padre Pio began with capacity crowds in January 2020.

Healing Glove for Blessings

“The last time we had a live congregation was in March 2020 two-and-a-half years ago,” said Castleisland PP Fr. Mossie Brick and he revealed that the Padre Pio Healing Glove will be available for blessings after Mass.

“We are very lucky to have one of Padre Pio’s healing gloves at our devotions on Tuesday evening,” Fr Brick said.

Remarkable Lifetime

“In the course of his remarkable lifetime, he had the power of healing sickness of both body and mind and he had innumerable miracles to his credit – even in the course of his lifetime,” he added.

“Because of the wounds or stigmata he had to wear gloves and several pairs were found in his cell after his death in 1968. We’re privileged to have one of them coming to Castleisland on this occasion.

The witness will be given by Mark Leen , The Emerald Elvis and the chief celebrant will be Bishop Ray Browne.

Died on September 23rd 1968

The Padre Pio devotions on this occasion, Friday, September 23rd is to commemorate the fact that Saint Pio died on September 23rd 1968 at 2.30am.

The remaining devotions for this year will revert to the usual third Tuesday evening of the month: Tuesday, October 18th 2022; Tuesday, November 15th 2022 and Tuesday, December 20th 2022.

“Saint Pio is the Healing Saint of our time and, along with healing, he possessed the gifts of discernment – a reader of minds; prophecy and bi-location etc,” said Fr. Brick.

All Ages and Background

“He appeals to all ages and backgrounds because he left behind a very simple prayer life, easy to connect with i.e., ‘Prayer is the key to God’s heart and the oxygen of the soul.’

“The sick especially identify with him because of his own sufferings. He was crucified without a cross. Saint Pio died 54 years ago, so he is very much of our time,” Fr. Brick concluded.

Volunteer’s Meeting on Tuesday Evening

Meanwhile, a meeting of volunteers will take place immediately after this Tuesday evening’s 7pm Mass in the body of the church.

This is to ensure that the highly co-ordinated safety structures, which had been the hallmark of devotions evenings pre-Covid, can be put in place for Friday evening’s special devotions.

Anyone wishing to volunteer can find out more by ringing the parish office on 066 71 41241 between 9am and 4pm daily. 

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