Scartaglen Culture Night Events Have Been Cancelled

Culture Night Scart Style 22-9-2017
Culture Night Scartaglen organiser, PJ Teahan had no option but to cancel this Friday night’s events due to unforeseen circumstances.  ©Photograph: John Reidy

The advertised Culture Night connected, Scartaglen launch of the 2022/23 series of Handed Down concerts and lectures on Friday night has been cancelled due to a set of unforeseen circumstances.

Because of this, organiser, PJ Teahan was unable to present the advertised programme of events on this Friday night and he was forced to cancel as the only option available to him at this late stage.

“Because the advertised programme of events on the night couldn’t be carried out I felt that I didn’t want people travelling to Scartaglen only to be disappointed by something other than what we promised.

“That’s the situation we find ourselves in now and our apologies to people who made plans around Friday night,” said PJ.

The rest of the season’s Handed Down and next May’s World Fiddle Day celebrations have not been impacted and these events will all go ahead as planned.

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