Tuesday Evening Commemoration for Bertie Murphy in Castleisland

Sé mo laoch, mo ghile mear: Piper Noel O’Mahony playing in tribute during the Michael Brosnan (1900 – 1920) commemoration at the Republican plot in Kilbanivane Cemetery in Castleisland. ©Photograph: John Reidy 8-11-2020

The Castleisland Sinn Féin Cumann will hold a wreath laying ceremony at the Republican plot in Kilbanivane cemetery Castleisland on Tuesday evening September 27th. at 7pm.

Bertie was murdered by free state forces in Killarney while being held prisoner on September 19th 1922.

He was one of the earliest Republican casualties of the civil war. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Reporting on the murder of Bertie Murphy is almost non existent as all the Kerry papers of the time were either closed down or burned out.

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