Year Round Karate Kicks at Presentation Castleisland

The first enrollment at the Presentation Castleisland Karate Kicks Club. Included are:  Edward Clarke, Tracey Dooley, Noreen O’Shea, Anne Laurent, Pierce Dargan, Karen Finnegan, Malin Bischoff, Sandra Capilla, Alejandra Arias, Ellie Von Der Mark, Finja Spielmann, Nikola Wroblewska, with trainer Charles Neri from Kerry Martial Arts School.

Presentation Castleisland has kicked off its new after-school karate club for students and members of staff, to run for the full year.

The school is the first in Kerry to offer the activity, and there has been a great uptake. The club runs after school every Monday and is led by a team from Kerry Martial Arts.

Karate is a discipline of concentration and self-defence and is one of the world’s most popular forms of martial arts.

Supports Well-being

As a health and fitness activity, karate is an excellent form of exercise, increasing aerobic stamina, improving muscular strength and enhancing balance.

Regular practice of karate is also known to significantly improve mental health. Principal Pierce Dargan, who is rolling out the club, said it challenges the brain in terms of hand-eye coordination, and helps to improve focus and concentration.

It develops a person’s composure and provides a deeper insight into one’s mental strengths,” said Mr. Dargan.

The Benefits of Karate

One of the big advantages of karate is that students may train at their own pace. Even those who have not exercised in some time can start learning and enjoy the benefits of karate,

Karate is another offering to our students and it’s great to see so many embracing it, enjoying both the physical and mental benefits it brings.

The activity is great for fun, friendships and fitness and we hope the club goes from strength to strength,” Mr. Dargan added.

Gracie Mills is a second year student who regularly practices karate said that karate is a really enjoyable activity and great fun.

“It teaches you discipline – if you learn to listen to the teacher, you learn to listen to the people around you,” said Gracie.

Open to All

Many staff members from the school are joining in and there is great excitement as the club members are looking forward to earning their yellow belts in the coming months.

The school’s karate costumes have been developed and it is hoped that students, in the future, may participate in competitions, if they wish to do so.

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