Why Must Listowel Races and National Ploughing Meetings Clash? – Cllr. Cahill

Cllr. Michael Cahill wonders why Listowel Races and the National Ploughing Championships are not held on separate dates to maximise attendances at both events. © Photographs: John Reidy

When the month of September comes around, members of the farming community and rural dwellers in general look forward to a less hectic daily schedule and maybe a little rest and relaxation at some of their favourite pastimes.

The GAA All-Ireland finals have been moved to mid-summer, which makes them a bit inconvenient for busy farmers, while Listowel Harvest Festival Races and the Ploughing Championships are still available in September. 

Kerry Fianna Fáil Councillor, Michael Cahill says it is a shame that the two remaining well supported events, take place on the same week. 

Ploughing and Races Clash

“With Listowel Races and the Ploughing Championships clashing for three days in September, many of our rural population, who would be interested in attending both events, have to choose between them,” said Cllr. Cahill.

“I think that it is a shame, that they could not be planned to take place, maybe a week or two apart, which would increase attendance at both, by allowing more people to attend the two venues” said Councillor Cahill. 

“I have no doubt that if the Ploughing Championships did not clash with Listowel Race week, that it would be a significant boost to Listowel, the surrounding villages and indeed the economy of North Kerry.

Logistical Details Involved

“I obviously do not know the details of the logistics involved, but I do think it would be a boost to both, if separate dates could be agreed for future years.

“I am a supporter of both myself and while I would not be in a position to attend this year, I look forward to going to Listowel Harvest Festival Races and the Ploughing Championships in 2024 and into the future,” Councillor Cahill concluded.

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