You’ve Seen the Stills – Now Watch the Film

Michael O'Rourke
Michael O’Rourke pictured with his Drone and controls against an early morning blue sky in Castleisland on June 10-2015.

In early June of this year I got a bunch of delightful stills of the town from the air. I had to go back into the file this morning as the creator – in this case – Michael O’Rourke sent me the film from which those stills were taken.
Castleisland native, Leitrim resident, Michael is one of only a handful of people in Ireland using ‘Drone Photography’ to produce this kind of stunning imagery.
These stills are as close to a bird’s eye view as we’ll get. Up to now they would have been the preserve of aerial photography specialists with access to a plane or helicopter.

Diving back into the files also reminded me what those beautiful, blue skies looked like. That against the news backdrop that this summer has been the worst in years.

Michael sent the film in the course of the night with a message to say that he hopes readers of The Maine Valley Post here at home and abroad would enjoy the bird’s eye view of their native town.
So, sit back and enjoy the view. A head for heights is not a requirement. Click on the link here and hold on: