Halloween Flash-Mob Film Release

Many in Castleisland will know Linda Flanagan as the Zumba / Salsa dance teacher who was the choreographer for the hugely successful Strictly Come Dancing competition at the River Island Hotel last May.
However, Linda put her darker side on show recently when she and a gang of her Castleisland Zumba / Salsa Class organised a brilliant ‘Flash Mob’ Halloween Party at St. John’s Park just after dark on that remarkably balmy evening.
Men, women and children danced like mad on the street while a handful of more sophisticated young men just played football under the lights of the street and the odd passing hearse.

I never knew exactly what a flash mob actually was until I walked straight into that one on Halloween. My neighbours were all looking strange and looking at me strangely until I became one of them.

Dogs howled, cats ran for cover and children will never look at the adults in their neighbourhood in the same light again. It was brilliant. It was fast, furious and funny.
Those looking for more of that kind of adventure headed off down through the Ivy Leaf or St. Stephen’s Churchyard in this case – and onto Tom McCarthy’s for his Halloween Party.
I’d nearly forgotten that I’d shot a piece of film of the carry-on or Lark in the Park and here it is just cold off the presses: https://youtu.be/PY9Xy9RSgw0