Heart-warming and Meaningful Service at St. Stephen’s

The blessing gets underway during the Ecumenical Service and Blessing of Graves at St. Stephen’s Churchyard on Tuesday evening with Reverand Joe Hardy, Church of Ireland and Fr. Mossie Brick, PP Castleisland. ©Photograph: John Reidy
Michael O’Connor pictured with the artistic outcome of his blessing of the grave of his ancestors at the Ecumenical Service and Blessing of Graves at St. Stephen’s Churchyard in Castleisland on Tuesday evening. ©Photograph: John Reidy

Every day you learn something new is a good day.

The attendance at the Ecumenical Service and Blessing of Graves Ceremony at St. Stephen’s Churchyard here in Castleisland on Tuesday evening learned that the day marked the feast of St. Bernard of Clairvaux, Patron Saint of Bee-keepers and Candle-makers.

Wearing the Geansaí

The information came courtesy of Reverand Joe Hardy of the Church of Ireland side of the ecumenical service while Fr. Mossie Brick, PP Castleisland wore the geansai for the Catholic side of the bargain – for want of a better term.

It was an evening of celebration of community and co-operation. In the course of his talk to the attendance, Reverend Hardy remarked on how lucky we are in this part of the world that we can do this together and on such a pleasant evening.

Repatriating Irish Immigrants

Fr. Brick, in introducing Reverend Hardy, outlined the work he had done in Tralee to repatriate Irish emigrants who had fallen on tough times in England in particular.

Fr. Brick, in his turn, provided a history lesson on the lives and sacrifices of the two men and saints to whom the main building, St. Stephen’s and the older wing, the Church of St. Nicholas are dedicated.

Voice Recorder

I had a digital recorder with me at the service and I let it run and if you’d like to hear a few clips from the occasion you can do so by clicking on the bar above.

In Order of Appearance

The voices in order of ‘appearance’ are: Sheila Crowley, restoration committee; Fr. Brick, Jack Shanahan, parish council chairman; Castleisland Parish Choir with leader, Ailish Walsh; Reverend Joe Hardy, Fr. Brick; Reverend Hardy and Fr. Brick together in prayer; Fr. Brick again and the clip ends with Ailish Walsh and the choir.