Air Ambulance on Medical Emergency Touch Down in Castleisland

The Air Ambulance from the Irish Community Rapid Response after touching down on The Crageens in Castleisland this afternoon. Photograph: John Reidy

Other than to confirm that its standby helicopter was on a medical emergency mission in Castleisland this afternoon, office personnel at Irish Community Rapid Response are naturally bound by codes of confidentially about the exact nature of its business on any given assignment.

Pre-Hospital Accident and Emergency Care

Irish Community Rapid Response helicopter alighted on the sod of The Crageens this afternoon just before 4pm on a medical emergency believed to be a cardiac arrest in the general Castleisland area. It took off again shortly after 4:30pm.

Irish Community Rapid Response is a charity delivering professional pre-hospital accident and emergency care directly to the site of emergencies throughout Ireland.

No Geograpical Restrictions

The spokesperson at the Mallow call centre said that because of its nature the air ambulance is not hindered by geographical restrictions or traffic congestion.

“On assessment, a patient on board can be taken to a trauma centre best suited to the nature of his / her illness or injury and that decision is based on the advice of medical personnel on-the-spot,” said the spokesperson.

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