Tony O’Brien to Launch ‘Dromulton Road’ CD in Firies Tonight

Tony O’Brien will launch his CD ‘The Old Dromulton Road at Pat Sheahan’s Pub in Firies tonight from 9pm.

You’ll find him anywhere songs are sung and often as fear a’ tí among his peers.

On this Friday night, September 20th you’ll find him in Pat Sheahan’s Pub in Firies Village from 9pm.

CD Launch in Firies

Tony O’Brien has only recently tied the loose ends of 26 long years of performing and singing and is about to launch his own CD at that gathering in Firies tonight.

Tony O’Brien Sings 13 Irish Classics and The Old Dromulton Road is the title of his compilation which took him all those years to finally nail down.

Song for a Pint of Stout

“I bought the right to use the title song, The Old Dromulton Road from the composer for a pint of stout in The Village Inn in Currans as long ago as 1987.

“It was mine, free of charge as long as I would record it some day. However, I didn’t want it this way so the price was fixed at one pint of Guinness,” said Tony.

Composer Michael O’Donoghue

“The song was composed by a Michael O’Donoghue whose parents were school teachers in the Currow area years ago.

“In 1993 I heard he had died some time earlier and so I recorded his song. My mother came from Carrigaholt, Co. Clare and wanted me to record My Lovely Rose Of Clare and the rest of the songs on the CD are personal choices.

Special Dedication

“Sadly, my mother never heard the recording as she and my wife Kaye both passed away within a month of each other in January and February 2016.

“I’m dedicating the collection of songs on this CD to their memory,” said Tony.

Music and Dancing

Tony has arranged a troupe of fellow singers and musicians to entertain on his launch night and included are: Eddie Lee, Seamus Healy, Mike Condon, The Avengers, Shades of Country, The Avengers.

Admission is €8 and dancing will begin at 9:30pm. Tony O’Brien can be contacted on: 087 74 17 273