New Guidelines for Kerry Shopfronts from Kerry County Council

Work began on Monday on replacing the old dozed timber lintels over the windows and doors of the former Sheila Prendiville’s Bar and Grocers at No. 22 Lower Main Street, Castleisland. Photograph:John Reidy
The Kerry County Council guidelines are available with a click on the image here.

Ironically, on a day when the deterioration of the street-side facade of the former Sheila Prendiville’s Bar and Grocery was finally tackled, Kerry County Council published new guidelines to ensure best practice for retailers and their design advisors when considering shopfronts in the county.

A Wealth of Craftsmanship

Prendiville’s is one of the oldest surviving bar /shopfronts in a town which once teemed with a wealth of fine examples of traditional craftsmanship.

While the work on Prendiville’s is vitally necessary to prevent its collapse, it will take a huge, unavoidable toll on the ornate facade which was a feature of Castleisland’s Lower Main Street since the late 1700s.

The details of the new guidelines were presented to councillors at today’s meeting of Kerry County Council.

The Built Heritage

Kerry’s vernacular shopfronts are a core element of the built heritage of the county’s towns and villages and they play an important role in creating a unique sense of place and character.

Kerry also has a tradition of excellence in the craftsmanship involved in historic shopfront design.

Traditional Shopfronts and Signage

There are many examples throughout the county of traditional shopfronts and signage that form an intrinsic part of a village or streets’ vernacular charm reflecting local distinctive styles and characteristics.

The guidelines provide that shopfronts should be of a high standard of design and reflect the architecture of the original building and of the surrounding area.

Suitably Qualified Person

Most shopfront works require planning permission and a suitably qualified person with expertise in this area should be engaged for any proposal.

It is the policy of the council to preserve and retain traditional shopfronts that contribute to the character of Kerry. The need to change old shopfronts whether protected or not must be carefully considered.

Any queries should be directed to the Planning Section of Kerry County Council.