Cllr. Jackie’s Safety Concerns on Glounsharoon Exit During Road Closure

The second phase of road resurfacing work got underway on College Road this week and will completed on Saturday. Extra safety measures have been put in place at the busy Glounsharoon end. ©Photograph: John Reidy

A message from Cllr. Jackie Healy Rae in relation to extra safety measures which have been put in place on the Glounsharoon end for the duration of phase two of the resurfacing work on College Road to Kilbanivane.

The road is closed from St. Patrick’s Secondary School to Kilbanivane from October 29th and will remain so until this Saturday, November 2nd.

The work was necessitated due to the Irish Water replacement of corroded cast iron pipes which took the supply from Main Street and the old library.

Cllr. Healy Rae’s Enquiry to Kerry County Council

“In recent weeks I was contacted by the residents of the College Road / Kilbanivane area of Castleisland in relation to the closure of College Road for resurfacing.

I was given a letter signed by over 180 residents seeking extra safety measure to be introduced around the junction of the N21 at Glounsharoon as the residents are fearful that an accident is high risk at this junction for the period that high volumes of traffic will be using it.

I contacted both our area manager and engineer for the Castleisland LEA who have been very helpful and understanding of the situation at hand and following my request have indeed agreed to provide additional road safety measures to ensure driver safety.

Yours Sincerely, Jackie.

Reply from Breda Mulryan, Kerry County Council Executive Engineer.

Subject: Junction at Glounsharoon during works on College Road

Dear Jackie,

I have reviewed the Temporary Traffic Management Plan with the contractor and we propose to put the following measures in place in addition to the signs that were erected for the last closure.

Two No. Variable Messages signs to be in place for the duration of the works on the N21 on the Limerick approach to the Junction.

Two No. Variable Messages signs to be in place for the duration of the works on the N21 on the Tralee approach to the Junction.

One no Variable message sign to be in place for the duration on of the works on the Crag Cave approach to the Junction.

A number of reflective cones complete with flashing lamps will placed on road edge at the junction.

The above measures will further highlight the junction for oncoming traffic from  all directions for the duration of the works.”